Gonna do what?

What is a sidecar motorcycle?

It is a unique vehicle that can be driven off road. It has three seats, driver, pillion (behind driver) and the offset sidecar seat. The sidecar motorcycle itself is a 2017 replica of a World War II Army motorcycle.

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What Sidecar Unlimited provides:

Our service charge is flexible based on what is asked for and we will work to make everyone happy. To give you an idea, a short ride starts at a $5 per person (about five minutes), and for full motorcycle demonstration plus rides $200, (about 1 hour long).

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Passenger Participant Requirements

Because of the unique setup of a Sidecar Motorcycle, there are certain limitations that must be applied in order to be able to ride either in the Sidecar or Pillion seat (the elevated saddle seat behind the driver)...

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